5 Ways Online Casinos Draw Attention to Casino Games

5 Ways Online Casinos Draw Attention to Casino Games

Have you ever wondered why some online casino games get more attention than others? It isn’t by accident. Many times, it is the result of carefully planned strategies by online casinos that result in games getting more traffic than others. These strategies are often simple, but they are very effective.

Today, we will look at several strategies used by online casinos to attract attention to specific casino games. These strategies may not apply to every casino, but if you pay attention, you will see all of them at one point or another.

Attractive Dealers or Characters in Online Casino Games

If you look at many of the more popular Live Dealer online casino games, you will notice they all have highly attractive dealers. That is by design. The old adage of “sex sells” still applies to casino gambling. Whether it is a hot female dealer or a hunky male dealer, the more attractive the dealers, the more likely people will play the game.

Real Roulette With Dave

This even applies to standard casino games. Games that feature attractive characters will generally perform better than games that do not. “Eye candy” is a tool used by online casino games and mobile gaming alike. The attractive characters get players to try the game out, and if the game allows some interaction with the attractive characters, it is likely to keep players engaged – at least for a while.

Bonus Offers

If a casino wants to attract more attention to an online casino game, they will often link it to a promotion. Most often, this promotion will be free spins for pokies or free bets for table games. Sometimes these will be referred to as the Game of the Month.

Often, you’ll see this type of offer done with a new game at a casino. New pokies are often linked to a promotion in their first month of launch. This usually results in an increase in traffic for the game. However, these bumps in traffic are temporary.

Prominent Positioning of Casino Games

If you go to a live casino, the games that are closest to the door tend to be very popular. That’s because they are the first thing that people see when going into the casino. Games like Big Wheel will attract a lot of tourist or first-timers because they don’t know how horrible the house edge is on the game.

Ignition Casino Lobby

Online casinos take a similar approach to games. They will often put games in prominent spots on the site to attract more clicks. The game may be among the first to appear on the lobby menu or in a search. They may even be used in the promotional materials of the casino. People often want to try the online casino games they see advertised, and those games will tend to be more popular.

Celebrity Endorsers

While used less frequently than in the past, you will still see the occasional celebrity endorser for online casino games. Often, it is a B or even C-list celebrity doing the promotion. For example, Verne Troyer of Austin Powers fame was a celebrity casino endorser for a while.

Often, these endorsers will promote individual games at the casino as part of their contract. People want to live vicariously through celebrities, so they will often go check out the games the endorsers are promoting.

Website Articles

Have you ever been reading an article at a non-casino site and run across an ad promoting a casino or online casino games? This is usually a paid advertisement by a casino company. Some sites will inform you that the article is a “Paid Ad” or promotion. Others may not.

The best way to spot these is by looking at the links in the article. If the links are pointing to online casinos or specific games, they are paid ads by the company. A news site will generally not link to an online casino. If there is a link, it has been paid for by the casino.

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