How TikTok Has Become Popular Among Online Casinos Enthusiasts

How TikTok Has Become Popular Among Online Casinos Enthusiasts

One of the fastest growing segments of Tiktok is its casino channels. They have drawn over 16.6 million views, and continue to grow daily. Some of you may have already watched players spinning the reels on their channels. Today, we look at the different types of online casino Tiktok channels you can find and why they are so popular.

Are Gambling Channels Allowed on TikTok?

Is gambling allowed on TikTok? Absolutely. However, content creators have to adhere to guidelines related to their channels. For starters, they cannot openly advertise casinos in their videos. They also cannot post links to websites or apps or encourage you to sign up to play.

Next, content creators cannot advocate for illegal activities. For example, they cannot suggest players use VPNs to bypass local gambling laws. They also cannot encourage underage gambling. Finally, content creators cannot post any content that will violate TikTok’s terms of service. As long as creators adhere to the rules, they can create as much gambling-related content as they like.

Types of Gambling Channels on TikTok

There are many forms of gambling channels on TikTok. The majority of channels focus on punters’ exploits in various games. Below are some of the types of TikTok betting channels out there.

  • Online Pokies – Some channels focus exclusively on online pokies. They often provide snippets of Twitch streams focusing on big wins or jackpot wins.
  • Poker – Poker channels vary wildly on TikTok. Some focus exclusively on big-name celebrity players like Daniel Negreanu. Others concentrate on poker strategy, while others bring you recaps of big hands in live and online poker.
  • Blackjack – Blackjack is the most popular game outside of pokies. Blackjack channels often focus on strategy or big wins from live games.
  • Gambling Lifestyle – Some channels focus on gambling life. This can vary from videos about high stakes gambling to the baller lifestyles of gamblers.

Why Are Gambling TikTok Channels Popular?

One would think channels focusing exclusively on gambling would become repetitive and boring. However, they tend to draw a massive following with many repeat viewers and viral videos. So why do players enjoy TikTok gambling channels? For starters, people love to be entertained. When done correctly, gambling channels can be wildly entertaining. Having a presenter with a fun attitude who can make gambling exciting draws players in and keeps them coming back.

Next, players like to live vicariously through video presenters. Many people cannot afford to gamble in casinos or online. By watching online casinos through TikTok, they can get the thrill and excitement of betting without financial risk.

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Lastly, people can learn a lot from TikTok gambling channels. For example, poker players can learn in-depth strategies from top players. Pokies players can learn about popular games and the potential massive payouts. Presenters often will teach players how to play games profitably, and viewers can use this knowledge to improve their win rates.

Popular TikTok Gambling Accounts

So which TikTok gambling channels are worth following? Rather than spending your time finding them, we have pulled together a list of some of the best online casinos TikTok has to offer.

  • Barstool Gambling – This channel focuses primarily on sports betting and the lifestyle surrounding gambling.
  • World Poker Tour – This channel brings the biggest hands from World Poker Tour final tables.
  • Brian Christopher Slots – This channel focuses on pokies player Brian Christopher. It focuses more on fun comedic skits related to gambling.
  • Never Split 10s – Mr. Blackjack teaches you how to play killer blackjack. The majority of videos focus on blackjack strategy.
  • Lady Luck HQ – Focusing exclusively on live pokies, this presenter brings you along as she plays high-stakes pokies in Las Vegas.

TikTok Offers Some of the Best Short-Form Content

The great thing about TikTok is that you can enjoy gambling content in bite-sized chunks. The best online casinos TikTok provides you with have hours of entertaining and even informative content. If you are not watching TikTok gambling channels, now is the time to start. Check out the channels recommended above or go to TikTok and search for channels on your favorite games.

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