Top Crypto Casinos in Australia

With cryptocurrencies growing in number and popularity, it makes sense the number of crypto casinos is also on the rise. We explore how crypto is inserting in the world of online casinos.


  1. Top Rated

    1. Quickwin Casino

    $750 Bonus + 200 Free Spins
    Payout 400+ Pokies
    Bonus 97% Payout
    Bonus code:
    • Reload bonus available
    • Sports betting option
    • Bitcoin and crypto-friendly casino
    Review Play with BTC
  2. #2

    2. Joe Fortune Casino

    $5,000 Bonus + 30 Free Spins
    Payout 500+ Pokies
    Bonus 98% Payout
    Bonus code:
    • Specific Bitcoin Bonus
    • Range of specialty games
    • Referral bonus
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  3. #3

    3. 7Bit Casino

    $5000 Bonus + 100 Free Spins
    Payout 4500+ Pokies
    Bonus 97% Payout
    Bonus code:
    • Regular bonuses and races
    • Bitcoin casino
    • Fantastic selection of pokies
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  4. #4

    4. Lupin Casino

    $8,888 Bonus
    Payout 250+ Pokies
    Bonus 96% Payout
    Bonus code:
    • Daily and weekly promotions
    • Special Welcome Bonus for Bitcoins
    • High value progressive jackpots
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  5. #5

    5. JustCasino

    $5,000 Bonus + 400 Free Spins
    Payout 300+ Pokies
    Bonus 97% Payout
    Bonus code:
    • Bitcoin-friendly casino
    • Pokies app is available
    • Huge library of real money games
    Review Play with BTC
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Cryptocurrencies are considered one of the fastest and most efficient payment methods around. They also offer anonymity when playing at an online casino for real money. Players do not need to provide bank information to deposit funds or withdraw winnings from their casino account.

The benefit of cryptocurrencies is they are decentralised, it makes them less susceptible to government interference. The downside to cryptocurrencies is they are highly volatile; the value of a crypto coin can change drastically at any time.

The most popular crypto is Bitcoin and it is considered to be the ‘mother’ of all cryptos and blockchain networks. Since Bitcoin’s inception in 2007, the market of cryptocurrency has evolved quickly. This lesser known form of currency started to gain users in recent years and now it’s used in numerous markets including online casinos.

We explore some of the most common cryptos, and how they work, at online casinos in Australia.

There are many cryptocurrencies to choose from these days. Here are the most popular cryptos you can expect to see at an online casino in Australia.

  • Bitcoin: This currency was the first of its kind and remains one of the most popular cryptocurrencies today. It is used as a form of money for peer to peer transactions. Which differs from fiat currencies which are managed and exchanged between banks or the government.
  • Bitcoin Cash: Similar to Bitcoin, this crypto is used for anonymous peer to peer transactions but there’s a slight difference. Bitcoin Cash transaction fees are a fraction of Bitcoin and it has the capacity for a higher number of transactions due to its larger block size.
  • Ethereum: In the world of cryptocurrency, you might hear the term ‘blockchain technology’. Blockchains are used as digital currency and for storing data. Cryptocurrency is only a form of currency exchange. Ethereum falls under the blockchain term and is currently the most popular currency of this type.
  • Dogecoin: After Bitcoin became popular, there were many cryptocurrencies created globally. Seen as an alternative to traditional cryptos, this ‘altcoin’ was created in 2013 and marketed in a light-hearted way and a Shiba Inu dog was the logo.
  • Litecoin: This crypto was created to be faster and more efficient than Bitcoin. It is also more affordable than many cryptos partly due to its huge supply of 84 million compared to just 21 million Bitcoin.
  • Tether: What differentiates ‘stable coins’ like Tether from other cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin and Ethereum, is their value stability. The value of Tether is designed to be stable and linked to the U.S. dollar (USD).
  • Tron: This digital platform is not only considered a cryptocurrency but was also created to host entertainment applications.
  • Ripple (XRP): This is another blockchain-based network which has been likened to money transfer companies like PayPal, because it is a currency exchange and remittance system that allows you to make transactions on its platform.
  • Cardano: This digital currency can be used to send and receive funds. It is considered to be a great alternative to some of its counterparts like Ethereum because it was created to be more sustainable, flexible and scalable than others.


A crypto wallet is a digital tool or application that stores and allows to manage the cryptocurrency in one place. Wallets are essential if you own cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any other digital assets because they provide a secure way to keep, send and receive digital currency.

Some of the most popular crypto wallets include:

  • Coinspaid
  • Coinbase
  • Binance
  • Etoro
  • Metamask
  • Kraken

Cryptocurrencies can be used to pay for goods and services just like fiat currencies, such as Australian dollars. You’ll find many of our recommended casinos accept crypto for both deposits and withdrawals.


Most casinos allow you to deposit and withdraw your crypto funds through CoinsPaid. A cryptocurrency hot wallet powered by SoftSwiss, it offers users a reliable solution for processing and comes with low fees.

Using this payment method, you can access more than 30 different cryptocurrencies and convert them into over 20 fiat currencies.


As with all other currencies used at online casinos, there are minimum and maximum limits set for deposits and withdrawals. The amount will vary depending on the crypto being used.

Another thing to remember is that not all crypto casinos allow the same method to be used as both deposit and withdrawal. This may be the same for fiat currencies as well.

Information on the limits and use of cryptocurrencies will be found in a casino’s terms and conditions.


Crypto wallets can be divided into two types, hot wallets and cold wallets. These wallets differ in terms of their level of security and accessibility. Here are the main differences between hot wallets and cold wallets.


  • A hot wallet is connected to the internet and is actively used for transactions and trading.
  • More accessible and convenient for day-to-day activities, such as sending and receiving cryptocurrencies.
  • Hot wallets are typically software-based and can be in the form of mobile apps, desktop applications, or web-based wallets.
  • They are convenient, but not as secure and could be vulnerable to cyberhackers.


  • A cold wallet is a cryptocurrency is not connected to the internet and is primarily used for long-term storage and security.
  • It is typically a physical device (hardware wallet) or a piece of offline software that stores the private keys offline.
  • As they are offline, they are highly secure and less susceptible to online hacking attempts.
  • Cold wallets are ideal for storing large amounts of cryptocurrency that you do not need to access regularly.


The choice between a hot wallet and a cold wallet depends on your specific needs and the level of security you require for your cryptos. Hot wallets offer convenience but may come with higher security risks, while cold wallets prioritise security but are less convenient for day-to-day transactions. Many people use a combination of both types to balance accessibility and security based on how they use it.


Crypto casinos are online casinos with not only a wide range of casino games to choose from but they also accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment.

Nowadays most popular online casinos have at least a few crypto options which you can use to wager or withdraw your winnings. So if cryptos are your thing then the best option for you is to play at casinos, like National Casino which has over 30 options. Or BC. Game Casino which is exclusively for crypto holders and has a load of crypto bonuses and promotions.

Pros & Cons of a Crypto Casino


  • Quick and easy transactions: Cryptos are faster than your usual payment method, mainly because the middle man (aka banks) have been cut out of the equation.
  • Anonymity at the casino: Even though cryptocurrency transactions are available on a public ledger, the individual behind the transaction remains anonymous.
  • Security: Cryptocurrencies are some of the safest methods of online transactions today. Using blockchain technology, cryptos can be safely stored in a cold wallet which is considered to be the best and most secure way to store your currency.
  • Accessibility: Almost anyone with an internet connection in any country can own cryptocurrency. Which means it is very convenient when you need to buy, exchange or make any transaction using cryptos.


  • Minimal Personal Info: This also means harder to prove ownership. Meanwhile your bank details and funds are safe, it is harder to verify your link to a crypto wallet.
  • Could Lose on Exchange Rates: As with any currency conversion, market rates change constantly, meaning you are subject to these changes plus possible transaction fees.

Deposits with cryptocurrencies tend to be simpler and faster. When you win, your winnings are in your e-wallet almost immediately making withdrawal much quicker.

Crypto gambling could also be a great alternative for people looking to make smaller bets and enjoining special bonuses. Some people also consider the decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies a virtue, since it is not controlled by any government.


When it comes to choosing a crypto casino there are certain criteria that we recommend you look for. The most important being the following:

  • Cryptocurrency Options: The safest and crypto casinos offer at least 5 cryptocurrency options.
  • Game Variety: Make sure your chosen casino also offers some of your favourite games and in general houses a wide variety of casino game options.
  • Licensed & Registered: All casinos should all hold a legitimate license and be regulated by a reputable body.
  • Mobile Responsive: In our opinion there’s really no excuse for any online casino to not have a fully optimised website that gives you the same quality experience on both desktop or your mobile device.
  • Privacy & Security: Maybe the most important factor to consider is how safe and secure an online casino is. An online crypto casino needs to have safety practices in place for those making transactions with their cold or hot wallet.

Top Online Pokies to Play at Crypto Casinos

Tips for Choosing the Best Crypto Casinos in Australia

There are many online casinos that allow transactions with cryptocurrency, but how do you know which one to choose? Our experts will help you narrow down your options with these tips that’ll help you find the best crypto casinos in Australia.


  • Licensed: Casinos that hold legal licenses from the relevant gaming authorities is a must. This will ensure that a casino is following the rules and using appropriate security measures.
  • Customer Support: A casino with various customer support options that are swift and actually helpful will make you have a better online crypto casino experience. Especially if you have any queries regarding cryptocurrency at a particular casino.
  • A Variety of Deposit & Withdrawal Methods: Multiple banking options are always more convenient and make your life easier. Make sure the casino you choose has more than just one cryptocurrency.
  • Great Reputation: Be sure to pay attention to what other player say about an online casino. You only want to play at the best crypto casinos online and where players have had top-notch experiences.
  • Bonuses & Promotions: There are many online casinos that offer bonuses using cryptos. This is great as you receive all the advantages of using crypto at a casino and you have the chance to earn something extra by depositing with crypto and taking advantage of a juicy bonus. Check out our list below to find out which are the best crypto bonuses currently available.
  • Top Game Selection: Having all the above tips means nothing if you can’t play your favourite pokies. Check the games lobby at each casino to make sure they have a wide range of games and titles that you are familiar with or excited to play.



It’s clear that cryptocurrency is here to stay for a while. So, as there are both advantages and disadvantages to using cryptocurrency at online casinos, it’s important to read each casino’s terms carefully. When it comes to using cryptocurrency at an online casino, ultimately, the decision to use it or not depends on the person and what factors are most important to you.

Crypto Casino FAQs

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$5000 Welcome Bonus
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$5000 Welcome Bonus
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