Responsible Gambling – Tips for Staying in Control

Responsible Gambling – Tips for Staying in Control

About three million Australians admit to playing casino games online. Many of them lack some guidance and insights regarding bankroll management and gambling responsibly. That’s a real shame. With simple changes and precautions, anyone can enjoy this exciting hobby in a safe way.

If you’re looking for advice on how to step up your game, we’re here to help. Check out the responsible gambling tips we’ve created for passionate yet accountable players. These are based on our experiences, taken from organisations working with problem gamblers, and sourced from recommended Aussie casinos.

Staying in control and having fun doesn’t have to be complicated.

Let’s see how to go about it.

Do It for the Fun

Gambling for real money isn’t something you should do when you feel stressed, sad, or angry. This is supposed to be a fun activity to relax and boost your adrenaline for a while. Unless you’re a professional gambler – which takes a lot of dedication and practice – you shouldn’t do it for the prizes either.

So, next time you spin those pokie reels or try to outsmart the blackjack dealer, remember you’re just playing a game. Yes, winning juicy prizes is possible and always welcome. If that doesn’t happen, though, you should still feel happy and entertained.

Have Multiple Hobbies

Online gambling is a hobby and should be treated as such. Most people dedicate funds to their hobbies, be it buying board games, books, fishing equipment or playing pokies. And most people have more than a single hobby.

Responsible gambling experts recommend that you have multiple hobbies, as well. Don’t just dedicate all your free time to online casinos. As fun as they are, you’ll appreciate them more if you play once a week or month instead of every single day.

Overconsumption ruins everything, casino games included.

Take Advantage of Online Casinos’ Tools and Support

It’s surprising how many Aussies aren’t familiar with all the tools casino sites offer them for responsible gambling. Everyone always focuses on the self-exclusion options, which would close your account and remove your email address from promotional materials.

There’s much more you can utilise, though. Gambling sites that welcome Australian players have a range of other tools that can help you limit deposits, losses, playing time, and more. With these tools, you don’t even have to bother too much with tracking your bankroll or how long you’ve played. Some operators provide full reports on funds you’ve deposited, lost, and withdrawn. It’s a precious tool for checking the overall situation with a few clicks.

Simply set up everything from the start, and the casino will help you stay in control. In the meantime, you can freely and fully enjoy the action.

Respect Your Own Limits

As we already mentioned in our page dedicated to safe gambling habits, you must respect your limits. Setting gambling boundaries before you even start playing removes any anxiety during the gameplay. You can’t really play online pokies, celebrate wins, or cheer for yourself if your thoughts are elsewhere.

That’s why we recommend you decide how much you can spend and stop playing as soon as that amount is gone. You can also set winning limits if you wish to get out with a profit or without any expenses.

For example, let’s say you start playing with $100. If your balance exceeds $100, cash out the initial $100 and play with the rest. In this scenario, you’ve enjoyed your hobby and haven’t spent anything along the way.

Proper Wager Pacing

We always talk about budgeting as an essential part of safe gambling practices. However, players often overlook the proper pacing of their wagers. Don’t be one of those players!

Gambling online is your dose of entertainment and thrill. That’s why you want it to last longer rather than stake all your budget at once. We would say that anything between 2% and 5% of your budget is reasonable wager pacing.

Let’s illustrate to give you a better idea. You’ll be done in ten to five bets if you have $100 to play with and place $10 or $20 wagers. Knowing how fast pokie spins are, you will literally finish playing in a few minutes. Play smarter and get more value by placing $1, $2, or even $5 wagers. You can get 20-100 spins and enjoy the fun longer.

Keep Your Emotions in Check

Keeping your emotions in check is not something you need for gambling only; it’s a trait that helps in all aspects of life. Emotions are part of everyone’s life, regardless of whether they’re good or bad. However, you should never act out just because you feel angry, sad, or even ecstatic.

Play when you feel comfortable in your skin and relaxed. Casino games will always give you an adrenaline boost and a higher heart rate. That’s part of what makes them so exciting. However, if the game starts feeling personal, you’re better off going for a run or reading a book.

Take Frequent Breaks

We can’t give responsible gambling tips without mentioning frequent breaks. Playing for long periods of time isn’t good for your budget. It also ruins the experience and your involvement in it. Treat casino games as something you enjoy doing, and you’re fully invested in it.

Spinning the reels or playing out roulette rounds shouldn’t be done as mindless actions. If they start feeling that way, it’s time to give it a rest. For example, many players have found a friend in setting up alarms every half an hour. Once the alarm goes off, ask yourself if you’re still 100% into the action.

You know what to do if the answer is no.

Share the Experience with Your Loved Ones

We’ve established that online gambling is a hobby you do in your free time. It’s something you enjoy, something that gives you excitement and entertainment. It’s something you’re proud of, so you shouldn’t hide it from your loved ones.

On the contrary, healthy gambling habits include talking with friends and family about this hobby. Maybe you will find that you share the passion for casino games or sports betting. Moreover, having someone to keep you in check is always good.

Responsible Gambling Tips – The Takeaway

Overall, staying in control, respecting your limits, and sharing your gambling enthusiasm are essential for keeping this activity a fun hobby. Online casinos give players access to valuable tools, and our responsible gambling tips provide additional insights for gambling safely.

With all these resources, all that’s left is to enjoy pokies, table games, game shows, and whatever you prefer without worries and headaches.

Milena Petrovska

Milena Petrovska

Milena has been fascinated by and invested in this industry for nearly a decade: worked as a writer for online casinos about games, legislation, pokie mechanics, etc. published an ebook about iGaming innovations and worked as a SIGMA panelist. She’s dedicated now at reviewing and recommending gambling products focusing on responsible gambling, fact-checking, and the latest market news. Her honest approach was the perfect addition to the Australia Internet Pokies contributors’ team.

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