The world of online gambling has seen exponential growth in recent years and shows no sign of slowing down. It seems like new online casinos pop up every day promising great bonuses, the best casino games, top online pokies selection, and a chance to win big. So, what’s next for the online gaming world?  Well there’s always room for improvement and while reviewing online casino, our experts at Australian Internet Pokies have compiled a list of trends we expect to see in online gaming this year. Online casinos in Australia are continuously improving to create quality online gaming experiences for players like you.

More payment methods

Payment options at online casinos are an important factor as players value faster transactions, improved security measures, and increased data protection. Traditional forms like debit cards and bank transfers will remain the go-to method for many, however, casino sites are set to increase the number of alternative methods which include crypto, e-vouchers and even paying with gaming skins! The online casino industry recognises that adding more alternative payments to ensure quicker withdrawals, financial security, and anonymity are what casino players want.


Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology can be very volatile, yet it’s clear that this form of payment will continue to increase in popularity at online casinos in Australia. In 2024, more online casino players will use digital currency to take advantage of some of the benefits like fast transactions worldwide, low fees, security, and in the case of cryptos, complete anonymity. However, blockchain technology, is slightly different because it doesn’t give you complete anonymity. On the other hand, with blockchain technology like Ethereum, you can own in-game assets, and sell those assets on the blockchain market.

As the number of players who use cryptocurrency at crypto-friendly casinos continues to rise. We believe that the near future will see the majority of online gamers using blockchain technology exclusively.

Crash Games

Crash games have been a niche category at many online casinos in recent years. However, throughout 2024 you can expect to see more crash games as the demand for exciting, high risk entertainment increases and software providers meet that demand by creating more titles.  As these games are typically played with cryptocurrency, this trend coincides perfectly with the rising popularity of cryptos. Crash games are easy to play and give you the chance to win big in just one game.

Personalised Games

Continuously improving your online gaming experience is a task that many online casinos will take on throughout 2024.  One way casinos achieve this is by getting more familiar with you as an individual. Personalised gaming means casinos tailor your gaming experience by offering game suggestions, bonuses and rewards based on your gameplay. Finally, the increasing presence of responsible gambling tools is an essential element of a player’s gaming experience. These tools will also be available more as online casinos will not only personalise your experience but also make it a safe one where you are aware and in control of your gaming habits.


Virtual and augmented reality at online casinos

While there are only a few Virtual Reality games out there, we predict that in 2024, online casinos are set to change the landscape by offering new and exciting gaming experiences. As the arena of virtual reality (VR) technology is always growing and Metaverse technology has become popular too, expect to slowly see these kinds of games pop up in more online casinos.

Virtual Reality is expected to change the way online casino gaming is played and it will give you a more immersive and personalised experience. You can create your avatars and will be transported from the comfort of your home to a Las Vegas-type casino, just by using a VR glass.


Henry Walker

Henry Walker

Head of Casinos

Since 2017, Henry has brought his professional insight and passion for casino games to the world of Australian Internet Pokies. He’s our resident fact checker who goes through online casinos with a fine-tooth comb, searching for the best casinos, pokies and promotions.

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