Casino VIP Programs for Australians

Online casinos  offer fun games and bonuses to all players, though high rollers may want to take advantage of some extra perks. Make the most out of your casino experience by joining a VIP program! Find out more below.

Top VIP Programs for Australian Players 2023

  1. Top Rated 1

    Stellar Spins Casino

    Payout 3000+ Pokies
    Bonus 97% Payout
  2. #2 2

    Hell Spin Casino

    Payout 800+ Pokies
    Bonus 98% Payout
    • Fantastic design and interface
    • Hundreds of Live Casino games
    • Low minimum deposit for bonuses
  3. #3 3


    Payout 3000+ Pokies
    Bonus 98% Payout
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What are Loyalty Points?

Loyalty points, also known as comp points, are a key part of how VIP programs operate. Some gambling sites may use them as part of a loyalty program separate from their main VIP program, but how they work and their function is the same.

When you place a certain amount in bets on games at a casino, you are rewarded with one loyalty point. Not only does this amount differ across casinos, not every game will allow you to accumulate loyalty points as quickly as others. For example, $10 in bets placed on pokies might earn you a loyalty point, but it may take $50 in bets on table games to earn that same point.

Which tier of a casino’s loyalty program you’re in depends on how many loyalty points you’ve accumulated. Some casinos may reward you for reaching a new tier with a specific bonus, while others may allow you to spend your loyalty points on the reward of your choice.

How to Join a Casino VIP Program

The process for joining a casino VIP program is based on the specific site, but it usually happens one of two ways. For hybrid VIP and loyalty programs, punters may immediately join the program when they make their account. For more conventional VIP programs, entry is typically based on the following factors:

Loyalty: How long have you been with the casino? Do you regularly claim bonuses or interact with the casino?

Value: Do you frequently deposit with the casino? How much have you deposited over the total life of your account?

Frequency: How often do you play at the casino?


The best way to get invited into a VIP program is to simply play at the casino regularly and accumulate loyalty points. Many online casinos have invite-only VIP programs, and these invitations are typically extended to players who have shown consistent activity and loyalty.

Another way to get invited into a VIP program is to make high-value deposits and wagers. This shows the casino that you’re serious about gambling, and, as a result, they may extend an invitation for you to join.

Finally, some online casinos offer VIP programs available to all players who meet certain criteria. These criteria can vary, but they might include making a certain number of deposits or wagering a certain amount of money.

If you believe that you’re eligible to join a casino’s VIP program, it’s a matter of contacting their support and finding out if you can join. Once you’ve fulfilled their criteria, the casino may also reach out to you about joining their VIP program.

Casino VIP Program FAQ

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