5 Advantages of Playing Low-Limit Pokies

5 Advantages of Playing Low-Limit Pokies

Some people mistakenly believe that low-limit pokies fore real money are a waste of time. They think that people that play for stakes less than $1 are broke and can’t afford anything else. The reality is that playing low-stakes pokies can be a smart play. Here are 5 advantages to playing low-limit pokies.

No Risk of Voiding Pokies Bonuses

If you’re playing pokies at stakes of $1 and under per spin, there is absolutely no way that you will void your online casino bonus – at least in terms of wager size. All online casinos set a limit on how much you can bet while playing with a deposit bonus. Some set this limit as low as $1.25. This requires that you play low-limit pokies in order to clear your bonus.


If you’re playing .50 per spin, you will never void your bonus by wagering too much. With online casino bonuses being more lucrative than ever, this can result in a nice chunk of change for your bankroll.

You Will Still Qualify for Most Jackpots

Many old-school pokies players will tell you that low-stakes pokies players will never qualify for a jackpot. That’s because old school games required that you play max credits to qualify for a jackpot. In most cases, that is no longer the case for modern pokies.

Most pokies will still award jackpots at random to low-limit pokies players. Someone playing .20 per spin can theoretically win the jackpot the same as someone playing $20 per spin. Keep in mind that many pokies will adjust the fixed jackpot according to your stakes. For progressive jackpots, you still qualify for the top prize, but in some cases, your odds of winning may be lower. That’s not to say that there aren’t any pokies that require max credits to qualify for a jackpot, but there are fewer of those than ever.

Psychologically Less Stressful

It is documented that lower-stakes pokies players will have less stress than those playing higher-stakes. That’s because the amount of money being wagered each spin is a lot lower. Think about it. Would you be more comfortable losing .50 at a time or $5 at a time? Naturally, the .50 at a time is a lot less stressful.

Less Stress Pokies

We always tell you to only gamble with money that you can afford to lose. A companion cliche is “gamble at limits you’re comfortable with.” This will allow you to enjoy your gaming more and help keep your stress levels low.

More Sessions Per Deposit

When you play low-limit pokies, you will be able to play more sessions per deposit. Can you play a reasonable session with $25 betting $5 per spin? Of course not. You have to play with more money to get a reasonable amount of spins per session.

However, at .50 per spin, you can 50 spins. At .25 per spin, you can get 100 spins. Even with $10 you can get 20 spins at .50 and 40 at .25. This allows you more play with your deposit. Your deposits will last long.

Reduces Bankroll Variance

Bankroll management is an important skill that everyone needs to master. Variance is a part of gambling and pokies players will experience a lot of variance. If you play at higher stakes and have a couple of bad sessions, your bankroll could be decimated.

Adversely, if you are playing lower-stakes pokies, then a couple of bad sessions will not hurt you nearly as badly. Losing two $20 sessions from a $100 bankroll will still leave you with 60% of your deposit. Lose two straight $50 sessions and you’re having to deposit once again. Losing is part of gambling, but managing variance will help keep you in the game longer.

Henry Walker

Henry Walker

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