5 Reasons Online Casinos Use Content Aggregation

5 Reasons Online Casinos Use Content Aggregation

You’ve likely noticed that most Australian online casinos use some form of content aggregation for their online casino games. This means they offer games from multiple providers on their site. The practice of content aggregation has exploded in recent years to the point where it is now the norm rather than the exception.

Today, we will take a look at why online casinos use content aggregation for their platforms. We will discuss the advantages to both the casino and the players at the casino.

Lower Cost of Website Development

We will knock the top reason out of the way immediately. Australian online casinos that use content aggregation generally incur lower development costs. These are much lower than casinos that use a single provider or those that offer proprietary games.

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When a casino aggregates its content from multiple providers, they generally only have to add plug-ins and software to their casino platform. Outside of a few tweaks to the software, there’s nothing more they need to do. Any maintenance to games or to the software provided by the casino company is handled by the casino company. These reduced costs make it easy for some companies to enter the casino market and are why we’ve seen a spike in the number of new Australian online casinos in the last 5 years.

Content Aggregation Instantly Expands Gaming Library

Online casinos that limit themselves to just a couple of providers are also limiting themselves to the number of games they can offer. A company that exclusively offers Real Time Gaming pokies will only have a couple of hundred games at most. When casinos aggregate content, they exponentially grow the number of games they can offer.

The more partnerships that a casino can form, the more games they offer. If you see a casino claiming to offer 4,000 online casino games, this means they are offering an aggregated library of casino games. If they are only offering 500 games or less, chances are they are only using one or two providers at most.

Steady Influx of New Games

Australian online casino players are always looking for something new to play. Casinos that only offer games from one or two providers are usually limited to the number of new games they offer. Sometimes, these casinos may only offer a couple of new games every month.

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When a casino uses a content aggregation strategy, you will see many more new games offered each month. It is simple math. If a single provider offers 2 to 3 new games a month, then you can expect 20 to 30 games offered at a site with 10 providers. Sites with 30 providers will have from 60 to 90 new games per month. The more casino partners, the more fresh content you’ll see each month.

Even Gaming Companies Use Content Aggregation

Look closely at some of the new games offered by companies like Microgaming and Booming Games. You’ll often see their logo along with the logos of other companies. That is because many online gaming companies are taking advantage of content aggregation. They are forming partnerships with up-and-coming developers to create new games.

This strategy allows companies like Microgaming to increase the number of new games they put out each month while keeping development costs low.

Casinos Offer Games With Higher RTPs and Lower House Edge

The biggest advantage of content aggregation for Australian online casino players is that you will see a larger selection of games with favorable odds. You’ll see more online pokies with an RTP above 96.5%. This gives you a greater chance of finding a game that will give you a big win.

For those that like to play table games, you will be able to find a broader selection of games with a favorable house edge. Every company provides its own version of most table games. Some will modify the rules a bit to either increase or decrease the house edge. With a little research, you can find which games have the best house edge or RTP, giving you greater odds to win big.

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