5 Things to Consider When Making a Casino Deposit

5 Things to Consider When Making a Casino Deposit

A regular question we get here is, “How much should I deposit at online casinos?” If you’re new to online casino gambling, this is a fair question. While the general answer is “Whatever you can afford to lose,” there are a few other considerations to make when making a deposit. Today, we will give you 5 things to consider when deciding how much to deposit at online casinos.

Are You Planning on Using a Casino Bonus?

When you’re planning on making a deposit, the first thing to consider is any minimum deposits for online casino bonuses. The minimum deposit for a bonus may be different from the minimum for the casino. For example, if the casino minimum deposit is $10, the minimum for the welcome bonus may be $25.

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You can find the details on bonus minimum deposits by going to the terms section of the casino. Note that if you fail to make the minimum for the bonus, the bonus will not activate. Also, if the bonus is tied to your first deposit at the casino, you will not be able to use the bonus in the future.

What Method Are You Using For Your Deposit?

The minimum deposit for the casino may not be the minimum deposit for your funding option. For example, some casinos have a minimum deposit of $50 for credit cards. Some eWallet options require a higher deposit threshold than other options. You can go to the payments page of the website to find the details on minimum deposits.

Another thing to consider is whether your deposit option will allow for casino bonuses. Many online casinos prohibit players from using Skrill or NETELLER for deposits if they wish to use a bonus. If you plan to use a bonus, check the conditions for any restrictions.

What Games Are You Going to Play?

One of the most important questions to answer when making a deposit is which games you plan to play. More importantly, what are the betting limits that you wish to play? For example, if you plan to play blackjack with a minimum bet of $1 per hand, the amount of money you need to deposit will be higher than if you plan to play online pokies for .25 per spin.

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You want to deposit enough money to allow you to play comfortably at your stakes. You don’t want to sit down to play and run out of money in a few minutes because your bankroll cannot support your play.

Is Your Bonus a Tiered Bonus?

Some people will deposit with a casino bonus and fail to realize they have a tiered bonus. A tiered bonus is one that awards you based on the amount you deposit or is a bonus split up into multiple sections. Welcome bonuses are often tiered bonuses in that they are divided over multiple deposits. Reload bonuses are tiered bonuses in that your reward is based on your deposit amount. For example, a bonus that awards up to 100 free spins based on the amount you deposit.

If you have a tiered bonus, you need to decide if you plan to take advantage of each tier or if you are going to limit your deposits. If you can take advantage of each tier by splitting up your deposit money, then that may be your best option. Otherwise, you will have to decide between upping your deposit or abandoning part of the offer.

Are You Using Crypto?

The last consideration is for those using cryptocurrency to make a deposit. Many Australian online casinos accept Bitcoin and other forms of crypto for deposits. In some cases, you can make a much smaller deposit with crypto than you can with fiat. For example, if a casino has a minimum deposit of $10, the same casino may allow you to deposit as little as $5.

If you’re looking to deposit as little as possible, or you don’t have a lot of money to gamble with, crypto may prove to be a smart play. Granted, you’re still under the same limitations regarding deposit bonuses as you are with fiat.

Henry Walker

Henry Walker

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