Did a Reality Show Prize Dispute Lead to a Regulatory Probe?

Did a Reality Show Prize Dispute Lead to a Regulatory Probe?

Most of us could only dream of living in a multi-million-dollar home. That dream recently became a reality for Kevin and Andrea Griffin. However, the couple’s joyous victory soon turned sour as they discovered that the original owner removed various luxury items from the property. The incident has sparked a heated dispute between the winners and the property owner and may even be the fuel behind a regulatory investigation.

Aussie Couple Win $2.7M Home But Find Items Removed.

Kevin and Andrea Griffin recently won a  remarkable prize on the reality TV show “The Block.” The couple won a multi-million-dollar residence in Gisborne, near Melbourne, Australia. The house’s previous owner, Melbourne businessman Adrian Portelli, had initially decided to raffle off the property as a prize via his online business, LMCT+.

Upon their arrival at the house, the Griffin couple was shocked to discover that Portelli had allegedly removed over $64,800 worth of goods. These items included a treadmill, wine fridge, luxury kitchen appliances, and a meat smoker, among others, as reported by MailOnline. Security footage, obtained and reviewed by MailOnline, supports the Griffins’ claims, showing Portelli and his team removing several items from the premises.

Andrea Griffin expressed dismay, saying, “We were just like, what the hell? Why has he done this?” In response to these allegations, the Griffins have taken the initiative to create a website aptly titled “Our LMCT nightmare,” where they intend to provide a detailed account of their ordeal.

Portelli, however, defended his actions, asserting that the items in question were not part of the giveaway’s terms and conditions. He argued, “It was just part of the show; it wasn’t in our T’s and C’s. Our T’s and C’s say this is a fully-furnished house, which is what we delivered on.” Portelli also emphasized that he had the discretion to decide how to use these items, whether for personal use or to stage future giveaway houses.

Portelli Giving Away Removed Items

Oddly enough, Portelli announced a giveaway of the removed items from the Griffin’s home. He is offering them to the public for a nominal fee of $1 each. LMCT+, founded by Portelli in 2018, is widely recognized for its monthly member giveaways, which include luxury cars, houses, and cash prizes.

These giveaways are prominently featured on various social media platforms. The Griffins had been loyal members of LMCT+, paying a monthly fee of $20 for over a year before their stroke of luck in winning the home.

Public Largely Siding With Portelli

The general public has been vocal about the incident. Yahoo is one of many sources reporting this story, and many viewers have left comments. Most either support Portelli removing the items or are indifferent due to the home’s value.

As “Brian C.” writes, ” Most houses are staged with things not going to stay with the house. Always assume that, unless it is SPECIFICALLY stated that it remains, then it does not remain.”

“Crybaby” writes, I can’t sympathize with them about no wine cooler in the house. A refrigerator, yes, but not a wine cooler.

Aimster was also indifferent, stating, “The “nightmare” of not having a used treadmill and a wine fridge. Thoughts and prayers.”

WF summed it up for many others when stating, “They won a house and it’s been nothing but a nightmare. The article goes on to say that the staging items were removed after they won the house and that’s it. That’s your nightmare? Good grief!”

Incident May Be Contributing to Regulatory Investigation

This incident has attracted regulatory attention. The Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Commission (VGCCC), along with  South Australia’s Consumer and Business Services (CBS), announced investigations into LMCT+ following complaints received about the company. While the nature of these complaints remains unclear, they add further complexity to the ongoing dispute between the Griffins and Portelli.

If the terms and conditions indeed allowed the removal of items, then there may not be much that the Griffins can do. However, this is not a good look for Portelli, particularly since he is giving the removed items away. Had the removal been made clear to contestants beforehand, a lot of drama could have been avoided.

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