GambleAware Report Shows 63% Complete Treatment

GambleAware Report Shows 63% Complete Treatment

GambleAware has recently released stats for 2021/22 for England, Scotland, and Wales, and it shows some very encouraging statistics. The report shows approximately 63% of those who stopped treatment in the last year completed the entire treatment course. Furthermore, over 90% of those that sought treatment noted an improvement in overall behaviour.

The numbers regarding referrals show the National Gambling Hotline brought in over half of those seeking treatment, and over 25% of the rest were self-referred. These numbers should be very encouraging for Australia and other regions looking at the effectiveness of gambling treatment programs.

GambleAware Reports 63% of People Completed Treatment in 2021/2022

GambleAware has recently released its annual report. The report shows statistics for the National Gambling Treatment Service (NGTS). This service serves problem gamblers in England, Scotland, and Wales. The report shows that during the period of the report, 7,072 people contacted the NGTS for help with gambling-related harms.

The reports showed that 57% of those that sought treatment came as referrals from the National Gambling Helpline. An additional 26% of those treated were self-referrals. According to the report, most of those seeking help were due to gambling at online casinos or sportsbooks. It also showed that younger people had a higher usage than other age groups.

Half of those that contacted the NGTS had their initial appointment in about five days. Approximately 75% of those contacting the NGTS had an initial appointment within 12 days. Of those that stopped treatment, 63% finished their treatment.

According to the report, around 92% of those completing treatment are showing improvements in behaviour. Approximately 86% also show psychological improvements. These are fantastic statistics and a testament to the quality of the treatment programs.

30% Do Not Complete Treatment

Of course, some will not complete treatment, regardless of its quality. According to the report, 30% of people that stopped treatment did not complete treatment. It needs to be clarified why these players chose not to complete treatment.

There are a lot of factors that go into any form of treatment for addictions. The statistics do not reflect how many players were forced to stop due to factors unrelated to gambling, such as the inability to afford treatment or other issues unrelated to gambling. It is also unclear how many players remain problem gamblers.

Statistics Should Be Encouraging to All Countries

While the report focused on efforts in England, Scotland, and Wales, all countries should be encouraged by the report’s outcome. It shows the effectiveness of problem gambling help programs and their effectiveness.

GambleAware CEO Zoe Osmond spoke on the report. She states, “It is extremely encouraging to see that the NGTS continues to improve the lives of those who experience gambling harms and remains a highly effective treatment option.

It is also encouraging to see the fall in those accessing more advanced treatment balanced out with more and more people accessing the helpline and other services as a means of support. Gambling harms can affect anyone, and it is important to encourage people to seek support and treatment early on.”

The stats show an extremely positive outcome overall. Over six in ten people seeking treatment for problem gambling through the NGTS complete treatment. Furthermore, 9 in 10 of those treated show an improvement in their behaviour.

This is a testament to the program and those that operate the program. We hope that Aussie problem gambling experts take note of this report and respond accordingly. Problem gambling is a reality of life, but it is reassuring that there are resources out there that positively impact those affected by problem gambling.

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