How to Play Magic Poker From Wazdan

How to Play Magic Poker From Wazdan

We are always on the lookout for new and unique forms of video poker. One such game that you will find at some Aussie online casinos is Magic Poker. Magic Poker is a variant of video poker from Wazdan that offers a different spin on traditional video poker. It also offers a couple of unique bonus hands that can make the game more profitable in the right circumstances.

Rules of Magic Poker

Magic Poker is a variant of Jacks or Better video poker that you’ll find at online casinos offering Wazdan online poker games. The game has a couple of rules that separate it from many forms of video poker.

Magic Poker Full House Winner 2

First, the lowest paying hand is two pair. This is similar to what you’d see on Double Double Bonus Poker. Next, drawing cards is not part of your initial bet in Magic Poker. If you opt to draw cards, it will cost you another bet. Finally, if you opt to draw cards, you can draw twice on a hand as opposed to a single draw.

Finally, Magic Poker has a joker. The joker can substitute for any card in the game. Also, since there is a joker, the highest possible hand is 5 of a Kind.

How to Play the Game

This game has a flat betting structure. No need to worry about playing for max credits. After you choose your bet, click on the deal button to get cards. When you get cards, your actions will be based on what you’re dealt.

If you fail to make at least two pair, you have the option to abandon the hand and start over. This is done by clicking the deal button. Otherwise, you can opt to draw cards. This is done by clicking on the cards you wish to keep. In some instances, such as a pair or four cards to a straight or flush, the game will automatically hold the cards.

Magic Poker Second Deal Winner

When you are dealt two pair or better, you can opt to cash out the hand immediately by clicking the collect button, or you can hold cards to try and improve your hand.

Normally, you only get one draw at a hand. However, in this game, you can draw up to twice. If you have a made hand, you can opt to cash out after the first draw. Regardless of the outcome, the hand concludes after the second draw.

Bonus Hands

There are two bonus hands in this game. The first is Bonus 3. This bonus is triggered by filling up the Bonus 3 path. A block on the path is lit anytime you make three of a kind. Note that you must make three of a kind exactly to light up a block. A full house or quads will not count towards the counter. When the board is filled, you will get a bonus of 40x your bet.

Magic Poker Three of a Kind Winner

The other bonus is the Bonus 4. This is triggered by hitting the exact four of a kind displayed. In our examples, four deuces was the Bonus 4 hand. Hit the Bonus 4 and get a whopping 400x your bet. Only the Royal Flush and 5 of a Kind pay better.

General Strategy for Magic Poker

For Magic Poker, your best bet is to chase after three of a kind or higher whenever possible. Holding individual face cards or aces is not advisable as you must make two pair to get a payout. You’d be better off to draw a new hand than to hold a single card.

Magic Poker Full House

If you happen to catch two pair and have draws remaining, the smart play is to draw for the full house. When you draw three of a kind and have draws left, it is still advisable to draw for quads or a full house. That’s because you must hit three of a kind 18 times to get the Bonus 3 bet. Over the long term, going after a full house or better is the smarter play.

Magic Poker is a fun variant of video poker, but the RTP is a bit low at 96.61%. If you’re a serious online poker games player, you’d be better off playing a good 8-5 or 9-5 jacks or better machine. You can find Magic Poker at Ricky Casino, Wolf Winner, and all Aussie online casinos offering Wazdan gaming products.

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