How to Play Red Dog

How to Play Red Dog

There are many forms of online casino games at Aussie online casinos. One of the lesser-known games you’ll find at some casinos is Red Dog. Red Dog, aka Red Dog Poker, is a simple card game that you can find at many online casinos.

The game is simple to learn and you can become competent in playing this game in just a few minutes. Let’s take a few minutes to learn how to play this fun card game.

How to Play Red Dog

Red Dog is a simple card game that you will find at many australian online casinos. The concept of the game is a simple one. You’re betting on the value of the third card in a three-card poker hand. You’re betting on whether card #3 will be between the values of card #1 and Card #2.

Red Dog Main Deal

To start the game, you will place a bet. Once you do this, click on the deal button. At this point, two cards will be dealt at the top of the screen. Below these cards, there is a spread board. A Red Dog game piece will then be placed on the spread between the two cards. For example, in our main example, the spread between the deuce and the queen is 9. Below the spread is the payouts if you win the hand.

After the spread is determined, you have two options. You can opt to Ride or Stand. If you Ride, a Raise bet equal to your initial bet will be made. If you stand, then no additional bets will be made.

Red Dog Main Game Winner

After your decision is made, the third card is turned over. If card #3 is between the other two cards, you win based on the spread payout.

There are two exceptions to this. If cards 1 and 2 are consecutive values, such as 8-9, then the hand is a push. If the first two cards make a pair, the third card is automatically dealt. When a three of a kind is dealt, you get 11 to 1 on your initial bet. Otherwise, you will push on a pair or on consecutive numbers.

Strategy for the Game

Like many online casino games, there is an optimal strategy for playing Red Dog Poker. It involves selecting when to make the Ride / Raise bet. While you can opt to raise on any hand, the optimal play is to raise when you have a spread of 7 or higher and simply stand on all other hands.

Red Dog Single Spread Winner

It may be tempting to raise on a spread of 3, 2, or 1, but the odds are much longer on these bets. Also, your initial bet will pay off when you make these hands. Some games will only pay 1 to 1 on the initial bet, forcing you to make the raise to get a better payout. That’s not the case here. If you choose to stand, you will still get 5 to 1 if the spread is only one and you win.

If you plan to play this game, realize that you will have decent odds to do so. Unlike many online casino games, the house edge for this game goes down as the number of decks used goes up. For example, the house edge for six decks is 2.8% as opposed to 2.75% for eight decks. A single deck game has a house edge of 3.15%. While not as good as blackjack, it is still superior to some online pokies.

Red Dog Three of a Kind

Red Dog is a simple card game that can be learned in a few minutes and gives you a reasonable chance to win a few bucks. You can find the game at most any online casino, including Bizzo CasinoRipper Casino, and others.

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