How to Play Rocket Dice XY from BGaming

How to Play Rocket Dice XY from BGaming

At some Aussie online casinos, you may notice a category of Instant Games or Fast Games. These provide quick-play online casino games that are simple to learn. One of the more popular options is Rocket Dice XY.

Rocket Dice XY is a dice game from BGaming that is simple to play and can produce some lucrative prizes. Let’s take a quick look at how to play this game.

How to Play Rocket Dice XY

Rocket Dice XY is a simple dice game from BGaming. It is easy to play and has some excellent prize potential depending on your bets. The game board is simple: a dice cup, a betting field, and a historical results board. The game’s object is to bet on the result of a roll of dice.

At the start of the game, select how much you want to bet at the bottom of the board. You can bet from $1 to $100 per roll. At the top are two options for you to select. The first is the baseline number, and the other is Over / Under. You will then select a baseline number and whether the roll will be over or under that number.

Rocket Dice Main Game

Under the baseline number is a Multiplier. Multipliers range from 1.01x to 35.3x. The lower the multiplier, the more likely you are to win. For example, if you select Over and 2, the multiplier will be 1.01x as the only losing roll is snake eyes. However, if you choose three and Under, the multiplier is 35.3x as only snake eyes will win the bet.

Once you have made your bet and set your conditions, you can click roll. This will roll the dice. If you win, you will be paid out based on the multiplier.

Risk Feature

After any winning bet, you can opt to play the Risk game. The game consists of a roll of a single die. The object of this online casino game is to guess which number will be rolled. At the start of the game, you will pick three numbers. You can also opt for all even or all odd.

Rocket Dice Risk Winner

Once you make your choice, click on roll. If the die rolled matches any of your choices, you win double your bet. If it does not, you lose. You can continue doubling your bet as much as you wish. At any point, you can click Take to collect your winnings.

What Strategy is Best for Rocket Dice XY?

Rocket Dice XY is a game of both luck and strategy. Strategy comes into play as you can adjust your betting options to give yourself more favorable odds. The lower the multiplier, the more likely you are to win.

For many players, they have to decide if they want to get consistently smaller wins or risk more to get larger wins. The smartest strategy would be to play the lowest multiplier to achieve consistent wins. Granted, these are not guaranteed wins, and when you lose, it will take a while to recover your losses.

Rocket Dice Main Game 2

Also, you want to avoid the Risk game as you’re effectively flipping coins for your winnings. It is better to take small wins than gamble it away on a coin flip.

Rocket Dice XY has an RTP of 99%, making it a better option than online casino games like craps or roulette. However, to get the higher RTP, you will have to grind things out a bit more or get very lucky with higher bets. This online casino game is listed as Extremely High variance, so make sure you have a bankroll than can handle the swings involved in the game. You can find Rocky Dice XY at any Aussie online casino offering BGaming casino games.

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