How to Play Crown & Anchor from EvoPlay

How to Play Crown & Anchor from EvoPlay

We are always on the hunt for new and unique online casino games. One game you won’t see at too many online casinos is Crown & Anchor. Crown & Anchor is a fast-paced dice game that you will find at some online casinos, particularly Bitcoin online casinos.

This online casino game is easy to learn and gives you the chance to make up to three bets per round. Learn more about how to play this fun new game with roots in the Royal Navy.

What is Crown & Anchor

The game of Crown & Anchor dates back to the 18th century. Originally, it was a gambling game played on merchant ships and in the Royal Navy. The game is a simple dice game where the object is to guess which symbols will be rolled. Rather than pips on the dice, there are six symbols. The symbols are crown, anchor, diamond, spade, club, and heart.

Crown and Anchor Game Board

EvoPlay offers a fast-paced version of Crown & Anchor that’s Provably Fair. At the start of each game, you can pick your stakes ranging from .10 to $500 per bet. After you select your bet size, you can then make up to three bets by placing chips on up to three symbols. You are not required to make three bets. Players can opt to make from one to three bets.

Crown and Anchor Bet

After you have made your bets, click on the Play button. This will roll the dice. After the roll, you will be paid according to any winners. Here’s the paytable for this game:

  • 1 Matching Symbol – Even Money
  • 2 Identical Symbols – 2 to 1
  • 3 Identical Symbols – 3 to 1

Crown and Anchor Main Game Winner

In order to get a higher payout than even money, you must have two or three of the same symbol. After the round is over, you can opt to double your bet by hitting the x2 button, make a New Bet, or Rebet.

Best Strategy to Play the Dice Game

There are a couple of different ways you can opt to play Crown & Anchor. Many people will choose to play three bets at a time to give themselves the best chance of hitting a winner. However, doing this will result in the greatest variance as you’re placing three bets at a time.

Other people will opt to reduce their monetary risk by playing just one or two bets. Payouts don’t change based on the number of bets made, so reducing the number of bets merely reduces your overall variance.

Crown and Anchor Two Winners

Of course, you can always opt to play at lower stakes to reduce variance. For example, if you normally like to play $1 per bet in most dice games, you could opt to play at $0.30 and make three bets. This will reduce your overall variance. Granted, it will result in a slower rate of winning.

You’ll notice a results bar at the top of the page. This will help you identify patterns, similar to what you see in baccarat games. Smart players will be able to use this bar to help them make their bets.

Crown & Anchor is Provably Fair But Low RTP

One thing that many Bitcoin gamblers will appreciate is that this game is Provably Fair. There is a hash button on the game board that will allow you to verify each result in the dice game.

The biggest drawback to this game is its RTP. Crown & Anchor has an RTP of just 92.3%. This is much lower than online pokies and the majority of online casino games you’ll find at Aussie online casinos.

While you can reduce your overall variance, this dice game is still going to be tough to beat due to the low RTP. Some people may enjoy this game, but there are other online casino games that give you better odds of winning.

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