Pokies Features Explained – Cascading Reels

Pokies Features Explained – Cascading Reels

There are many popular features available on pokies. One feature that’s becoming increasingly popular in the last couple of years is cascading reels. Also known as cascading wins, cascading reels pokies for real money give you a chance to create chain reaction wins. Get lucky enough and you can generate some massive wins from this feature.

Today, we will look a bit deep at this feature to let you know what it is and how it can help you generate massive wins when playing online pokies.

What Are Cascading Reels

Have you ever played the classic video game Tetris? You try and make lines and whenever you make a line, it gets removed and the remaining pieces on the board drop down. This is the same concept behind cascading reels for online pokies.

Pokies with cascading wins will start like your normal pokie. The reels spin and stop to give you potential winning combinations. For pokies with cascading reels, anytime you score a winning combination, the winning symbols disappear and any symbols above them drop down.

Cascading Wins 2

Depending on the game, symbols will either drop down to replace the gaps or those gaps will re-spin themselves to create a new combination.

Once the cascade stops, the board is once again evaluated. If a new winning combination is created, the winning symbols again disappear and you get another cascade. This continues until you fail to catch a winning combination. Some games will also stop if you happen to win the max allowed on the machine. (Wouldn’t that be a nice “problem” to have?)

Pokies that offer cascading wins are great for all players as it is a core feature of a pokie. Whether you play .25 per spin or $100 per spin, the feature works the same. It is a truly fair feature that gives all players a chance to bump up their wins.

Why Cascading Wins Are Popular

Cascading reels have become a popular form of pokie due to the potential for a chain reaction win. Imagine one spin turning into a chain reaction of five or more wins. That can happen with this game. Cascading wins create a level of excitement that’s generally only experienced in the free spins or bonus game.

Cascading Wins

Cascading wins happen after each and every win, which means it is a simple feature to unlock. Some players won’t play certain games because triggering the bonus features is too difficult. Cascading reels is like getting a bonus feature after each win. Sure, the win may not be massive at times, but the excitement level is always there to some degree.

Finally, cascading wins can help you keep your bankroll afloat while you’re trying to trigger the special feature of a game. You’re not going to win money every time a cascade happens. However, let’s assume you win 40 to 50% of the time. That’s approximately 40 to 50% more than you’re getting back into your bankroll as you chase the features.

Pay Attention to the RTP and Volatility

While cascading reels are popular, they can come with some drawbacks. First, some of these games come with high volatility, which means that you’ll probably have fewer wins in general. Next, you’ll find some of these games with an RTP right at 95%, with a few a bit under 95%.

Cascading reels can be a fun and exciting feature when found on a game with a reasonable RTP and volatility. Don’t forget that most Aussie online casinos offer demo versions of these games that will give you a good feel on how they play. If you try the demo mode out and the game seems to play too tightly, move on to a game that plays a bit looser.

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