Softswiss Adds Team Tournaments to Online Casinos

Softswiss Adds Team Tournaments to Online Casinos

If you have played at Australian online casinos, you may have noticed the Softswiss logo on some casinos. Softswiss is a premier name in online casino platforms and is big into crypto casino gaming. Last week, the company announced a new concept that will begin to feature on Softswiss casinos.

Team Tournaments are a new form of online casino tournament that will allow groups of players to compete in online pokies tournaments and other forms of casino tournaments. Softswiss believes that the new format will improve player engagement, which will lead to higher deposit rates.

Softswiss Announces Team Tournaments

Last week, Softswiss announced the Team Tournaments feature for its portfolio of online casino products. The option will now be available to Softswiss casinos as an update to the Tournaments tools. With the new Team Tournaments, groups of players will compete in online casino game tournaments for cash prizes.

Online casino tournaments are individual affairs where one person must compete against hundreds, if not thousands of other players. Many players give up after a few rounds because they have no realistic shot at winning the event or even earning cash.

Pokies Tournaments

The Team Tournaments concept looks to change this. How Team Tournaments will work is that the casino operator will create multiple groups of teams to compete in a tournament. Players will be divided into those groups. At that point, the teams will play online pokies, Live Casino games, or whatever game is designated for the event.

The cumulative score of the team is what will determine a winner. Afterwards, team members will receive whatever method the casino decides. The casino could divide prizes evenly among participants, or they could base payouts based on the contributions of each player to the team. Softswiss is aiming for an even distribution of prizes among players. However, the ultimate decision will be the operators.

New Format to Benefit Both Players and Casinos

Online casino players will undoubtedly see the benefit of participating in Team Tournaments. The biggest benefit is that players have a better chance to win. Think about team sport. Even the weakest players can share in the success of the overall team. For casino tournaments, if one player has some bad luck playing Live Dealer Blackjack, his or her other team members can help make up the slack.

Also, Softswiss believes that the new feature will increase player engagement, which will ultimately benefit online casinos. According to research conducted by the company, they believe that players engaging in Team Tournaments will increase deposit frequency. The company is predicting an increase of deposits of 10 to 20% per player. Also, they expect players will deposit twice what they normally would deposit.

According to Anna Loiko, Platform Product Owner for Softswiss Casino, “We are proud to announce the launch of Team Tournaments for our clients. Based on the results of the tournament’s functionality research, we can conclude that Team Tournaments will be demanded among operators and players.

The new functionality engages a competitive element and generates team hype, which is the foundation for a high level of player engagement. Softswiss continues to update the feature and will soon introduce novelties that will make the offer even more attractive.”

Another Benefit of Playing at Softswiss Casinos

Team Tournaments are the latest feature in an already impressive set of features with Softswiss casinos. Softswiss has created a niche for itself in the crypto gambling market.  Many of the world’s top crypto online casinos use Softswiss as a platform.

Softswiss does not exclusively power crypto casinos. They also offer software for standard fiat casinos. The increased crypto functionality makes the company a competitive option for new casinos.

If you already play at a Softswiss Casino, pay attention to any new updates, as Team Tournaments are fun new options you should see in the near future.

Henry Walker

Henry Walker

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