Do Spin Strategies Work For Online Pokies?

Do Spin Strategies Work For Online Pokies?

There are many people that subscribe to spin strategies when playing pokies. Many of these players are used to playing pokies in brick and mortar casinos or are older players that are used to how pokies used to operate.

Some of these players are trying to use a spins strategy for online pokies and some may tell you that you should do the same. Today, we will take a look at spin strategies and whether they are applicable to online pokies.

What is a Spins Strategy

The spins strategy is the simplest form of a strategy used when playing pokies for real money. You will pick a number of spins that you will play on a pokie machine and play them. The number of spins ranges from 5 spins to 100 spins.

The theory behind this strategy is that many games are programmed to give a win, also known as a taste, in the first few spins of a game. This is to try and entice players to keep playing, eventually losing the taste and the money they initially deposited.

Players using a spin strategy will quit once they hit their taste payout or they reach the max number of spins in their round. They will then take their money and move to the next machine. If you ever see a player hopping from one machine to another in a brick-and-mortar casino, it is likely they are using a spin strategy.

The goal of a spins strategy is to find games that are consistently giving out a taste and move up in stakes. If you find that all pokies in a casino is giving a taste, then you could realistically move up in stakes and play a few spins in the high stakes room to get a much more lucrative taste payout. Other times, you will have to find which games give out the taste and play those games exclusively.

Does a Spin Strategy Work For Online Pokies?

The reason why the spin strategy started is that players began noticing that some live casinos were giving out payouts in the first few spins. Sometimes this applied to all pokies, while other casinos only had select games programmed to give out a taste.

When online casinos came along, some players claimed that they could use the same strategy at online casinos. In the very early days of online casinos, this may have been the case as online casinos were not as heavily regulated as they are now. There were also more scammy casinos out there.

Nowadays, Aussie online casinos do not offer a taste to players. Furthermore, games are not programmable like they were in the past. All online pokies use a Random Number Generator which makes each spin of a game unique. You’re just as likely to make a nice win on spin #5 as you are on spin #100.

Spin Strategies Seldom Work Anymore – Even in Live Casinos

While there are many videos on Youtube and around the web that claim otherwise, spin strategies do not work nearly as often as they used to. Most live casinos use pokies that have random number generators and have them set to automatically adjust the RTP or odds of the machine. This makes the payouts to plays a lot more randomized.

That’s not to say you won’t find the occasional casino that still uses a taste system. You will. However, they are few and far between and you will likely lose a lot of money trying to find them. Granted, if you are lucky enough to find some machines that offer a taste, it could prove highly lucrative. Just realize that the payouts will not last as many times, machines will only offer a taste mechanism for a limited time.

Henry Walker

Henry Walker

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