5 Tools to Improve Your Online Pokies Experience

5 Tools to Improve Your Online Pokies Experience

When online casino players think of ways to improve their gambling experience, they usually focus on strategy, RTP, or other factors surrounding online casino games. However, there are a few physical adjustments you can make to your gaming setup that can improve the quality of your gaming experience. Today, we look at 5 tools that can help improve your online pokies experience.

Wireless Mouse

When most people think of a wireless mouse, they assume that you are gaming on a PC or Mac. The reality is that most devices allow you to hook up a mouse to them. Why will a mouse improve your gaming?

Wireless Mouse Gambling

For starters, you can stop that constant poking and tapping on your screen. Mice are much more precise in their movements and cause less stress on certain joints. Furthermore, mice tend to work smoother than the standard tapping method for mobile games.

Larger Monitor

It doesn’t matter which device you use, you can always benefit from a larger monitor. For PC and Mac players, you can take advantage of the larger monitor to increase the size of your game, allowing you to better see the game. Furthermore, this can help to reduce eye strain as you are not struggling to see the fine print of the game board.

A larger monitor can also help to reduce mistakes made by playing. You are less likely to misclick if the game board is enlarged. You also are less likely to misread the board and click the wrong button on pokies. For mobile users, some devices can be tethered to a monitor. Otherwise, consider getting a device with a larger screen.

Seat Cushion

Your physical comfort is important when doing any form of gaming. If your seat isn’t comfortable, then you probably won’t enjoy yourself. The easiest thing you can do to improve your comfort is to get a comfortable seat cushion. Luckily, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to do this. Your local big-box store has various cushions you can buy ranging from basic to ergonomic.

Seat Cushion Gambling

The best cushions are ergonomic cushions that give you more support and promote better posture. Improving your comfort and posture will help you enjoy your game and may lead to better decision-making while gambling.

Faster Mobile Device or Computer

Don’t you hate it when slots start to freeze or your blackjack games are lagging? Many people want to blame it on their internet or Wi-Fi, but many times it is due to a slow device. How old is the phone or tablet you’re gambling on? How much RAM does it have? What’s the storage space? All of these factors can impact your gaming.

If your device is a bit old or on the lower end of the spectrum, maybe it is time to upgrade to better equipment. When getting a new device, look at getting one with more RAM and more storage space. This way, your device has the room and memory needed to keep your games running optimally.

Blue Light Filtering Glasses

Finally, consider investing in some blue light glasses. Most of us are staring at a screen for an extended period and this can cause eye strain. This leads to headaches, blurred vision, and even sleep disturbances. One way to combat this is blue light filtering glasses.

Blue light filtering glasses will reduce the amount of blue light reaching your eyes, thus helping to reduce eye strain. This will allow for longer gaming sessions and fewer problems that can arise from extended screen viewing. Blue light glasses are not just for pokies. You can use them anytime you’re going to be using a screen for an extended period.

Henry Walker

Henry Walker

Joining Australia Internet Pokies in 2017, Henry provides insights into the world of casinos and dives deep into each online casino to provide reliable reviews you can trust.

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