Gambling Concepts – Wagering Requirements

Gambling Concepts – Wagering Requirements

When looking at online casino bonuses, many people only pay attention to the rollover requirement. While the playthrough requirements are important to know, it’s not the only thing you need to know. Just as equally important to understand is the wagering requirements of online casino bonuses.

Understanding the wagering requirement is important as it gives you a better idea of what you will have to wager on each game. It will also prevent you from making mistakes while wagering that could cost you your bonus.

What Are Wagering Requirements?

Wagering requirements pertain to the bets you make on online casino games. They cover how much each bet contributes to the rollover along with any special terms in connection with betting. The main thing you need to look for is the amount that each bet contributes toward the playthrough requirement.

In a perfect world, every $1 bet would contribute $1 toward the wagering requirement. That’s not the case. On average, the only games that will contribute 100% toward the wagering requirements are online pokies for real money and keno.

Wagering Requirements Chart

For other games, the amount contributed varies. However, you will seldom see online table games and other games contribute more than 50%. The average contribution for blackjack is around 15 to 25 percent. Video poker may contribute 10%. Sadly, most other casino games contribute nothing toward the playthrough.

For example, if blackjack contributes 15% toward the wagering requirement, you will have to bet $15 for $1 to go toward the playthrough. Games like Three Card Poker will contribute zero.

Also, look for any exclusion lists for pokies. Some casinos have a list of pokies that either contribute at a lower rate or nothing at all. For example, some casinos will only allow BetSoft pokies to contribute 50%. Progressive jackpot pokies may contribute zero toward the wagering requirement.

Other Caveats to Look For

Next, the wagering requirements section will generally cover how much you can wager while playing with a bonus. On average, the most you can bet while playing with a bonus is $5 per spin. Some casinos will not allow you to bet much more than $1.50 per spin. This is done to prevent high-stakes players from quickly clearing bonuses.

Pokies Playthrough Terms

Also, check for any language pertaining to voiding your bonus. Some casinos require that you only play certain games or categories of games while playing with a bonus. For example, you may not be allowed to play table games at all while playing on a bonus. If you play a single spin of roulette, you could void your bonus.

Worst still, the casinos will not inform you that you’re about to void your bonus. You’re expected to have read the terms and conditions ahead of time.

Where to Find Wagering Requirement Information

Legitimate online casinos are required to post all information regarding online casino bonuses and wagering requirements. However, they don’t always make it easy to find. Start by going to the terms and conditions section of the website. From there you will have to look in a couple of places. First, check under the section covering online casino bonuses. Often, this is where the information will be found.

However, some casinos choose to put this information in the general terms and conditions of the website. Some will put the information in a chart form, which makes it stick out from the rest of the blocks of text.

Of course, if you still can’t find the information, contact customers support and let them know you’re trying to find the wagering requirement information. Let them know you want to review it before making a deposit. Since you’re a potential paying customer, they will generally help you quickly.

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