Four Amazing Online Casino Tips To Protect Your Money

Four Amazing Online Casino Tips To Protect Your Money

The internet is awash with websites promising online casino tips to turn you into a millionaire. What makes this online casino tips article different and worthy of your time? It is not a get-rich quick scheme. Instead, it provides online casino tips to save money and protect you when you play.

Online Casino Tips: Always Follow Bankroll Management

It does not matter if you grind penny pokie games for Android devices or play high-stakes online blackjack; following bankroll management is vitally important. Bankroll management is where you manage the money you have available for gambling. Many online casino tips articles fail to mention bankroll management because they do not care. We do, which is why it is the first on our list.

Your bankroll is how much money you have available to lose because you will lose at some stage. We all dream of winning every time we take on the casino, but it is not possible in reality. Having funds set aside purely for gambling protects you and your loved ones from overspending or losing the money you cannot afford to be without.

For example, you think you have a $200 bankroll, but Little Jimmy needs new $50 shoes next week for which you do not have the money. Therefore, your bankroll should only be $150.

Only bet a small amount of your bankroll at any time. Two per cent is the ballpark figure. This amount allows you to enjoy the game while having a lower risk of ruin. It also means your bets increase as your bankroll rises.

Online Casino Tips: Take Advantage of Bonuses and Promotions

Taking advantage of casino bonuses always features high on online casino tips lists, and rightly so. Casino bonuses and online casino VIP programs are a great way to boost your bankroll or reap the rewards for games you play.

Online casinos always offer first deposit bonuses to entice new customers. Please read the terms and conditions, so they do not catch you out and use the rewards to play your favourite games. The largest bonus is not always the best, depending on your circumstances. For example, there is no point claiming a $10,000 bonus if you play for small stakes. Online casino bonuses often come with 40x wagering requirements, meaning, in this example, $400,000 worth of bets is needed to release the bonus!

Claim an amount that helps you, is relevant to your bankroll’s size, and that you can clear with relative ease.

Always Check The Rules and Return To Player (RTP) Figures

Online casinos have dozens of casino table games and hundreds of pokies, but they are sometimes different on each website. This is why checking the rules and Return To Player (RTP) of games makes it onto our list of online casino tips.

Blackjack is the game where the rules change the most. For example, most casinos pay 3-to-2 for hitting blackjack, but some pay 6-to-5. The difference is enormous, although it does not seem that way. The house edge increases by almost 1.5% with a 6-to-5 payout!

RTP is the number pokie display that shows how much money is returned to the play for every $100 wagered. Higher numbers are better regarding RTP. Most online pokies providers have an RTP set in stone, usually 96-97%. However, some pokies developers create machines with RTP ranges, some as low as 90%. Ensure you only play on devices with the highest possible RTP. If Machine A has 97% at Casino 1 but 92% at Casino 2, play it at Casino 1!

Don’t Buy Into Superstitions and Betting System

Check out other online casino tips articles, and many mentions using betting systems to win money. They promise untold riches for following a specific set of actions when you play casino games. No betting systems work. We can 100% confirm this. Think of it this way, if you created a system that was guaranteed to beat the house, would you sell it for $10-$100 online and risk the casino catching on, or would you keep it to yourself and live a life of luxury?

All betting systems are flawed, including the popular Martingale system. Online casinos protect themselves from such systems by limiting bet sizes. The house always wins in the long run!

Kevin Mackenzie

Kevin Mackenzie

When it comes to the world of finance, there’s no-one we’d rather have at our side than Kevin. A qualified accountant, Kevin finds the best online casino bonuses and promotions out there. He also looks at the small print of the bonuses and is at hand to advise the rest of the Australia Internet Pokies team if there’s anything amiss or a reward is simply not worth having. It’s not just the bonuses that Kevin hones in on, he also checks out the payment methods and which are the best options for players. As a crypto enthusiast, he is very knowledgeable on Bitcoin gambling and is excited by the growing number of cryptocurrencies accepted by online casinos. In his spare time, Kevin can be found giving his alter-ego an airing on the AFL pitch.

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